Hello I Must Be Going

“Iíve read David Hernandez for twenty years but only with this terrific new book, am I realizing he is one of our generationís leading California poets. Whether philosophical, playful, or political, his language is guided by generosity and wonder. Hello I Must Be Going is a book of irreducible wisdom and witness.”

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Dear, Sincerely

“Do not let the fact that David Hernandez is one of the funniest poets at work today mislead you into thinking ‘comic’ poets can’t also be learned, wise, socially aware, and capable of deep pathos. Hernandez possesses all these qualities—in abundance. His new book is nothing short of dazzling.”

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“Ultimately, the lyrics in Hoodwinked read as odes to mortality. They marvel nonstop, unsentimentally, and with necessary ambivalence, at the world as given and the human inability to consistently rise to the exhausting challenge of making every second count.

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Always Danger

“To the extent that Hernandez is interested in offering redemption, it comes almost solely from the poet's attention to and veneration of detail, from an imagination blessed with animate language. Hernandez's achievement is the double witnessing of violence and beauty, the one unavoidable and the other, by the end, earned.”

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A House Waiting for Music

“David Hernandez's subjects are varied—from lust to TV to the cruelty of children to the grass under his feet—but running through all his work is a sense of the quotidian disasters we survive in order to see our lives and the lives of those around us.

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No More Us for You

“The smart, sophisticated, yet remarkably accessible writing melds everything together with slow-burn effects, and the characters are dead-on (so to speak). A smoldering read.”
KIRKUS (starred review)

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“Hernandez, an award-winning poet, turns for the first time to fiction with a beautifully executed, frequently brutal coming-of-age story....The author's imagery, sometimes subtle, sometimes searing, invariably hits its mark.
PUBLISHERS WEELY (starred review)

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